Visions: What I’ve Done So Far!

This is was a case study I embarked upon for the YMA FSF scholarship fund for Fashion Merchandising students, where we were tasked with making a unique collaboration between a fashion/retail brand and non-fashion related: store, company, product, or person. For my case study, I chose to have the multi-million dollar athletic apparel company, Nike, collaborate with the Billboard chart-topping, music megastar Drake because it would have immense global reach and it would be the ultimate meeting of two different forces: Music and Athletics, that actually seamlessly intertwine with one another and create marketing and merchandising gold. The Muses collection is a celebration of the Nine Greek Muses of Inspiration, and it represents how creativity and musical influences motivate all of us, whether we’re Lebron James or just your average high school student, you’ll always utilize music as an essential form of expression and a way to channel your passions.