Personal Anecdote: A Deep Look Into My Inspiration

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been drawn to colors, visuals, arranging components to work seamlessly together, and utilizing my creativity to evoke whatever emotion I was feeling at the time. From the moment I swirled sky blue and pine green Crayola crayons to began drawing waves on the walls of my childhood home, it has been in my DNA to create and put into visuals whatever I wished to say without using a single word. As I’ve grown older and begun my degree in Fashion Merchandising, I can proudly say that my imagination continues to grow and flourish in this new environment where avant-garde, fantastical, “out-of-the-box”, ideas are not only encouraged, but utilized to create practical items that people can view and purchase, or simply admire.

I can still recall the sheer joy I had every single time, my mother would let me have her old/unused makeup, from lipstick to blush, I always felt like I was the canvas and the makeup was the paint, to this very day, is I still get butterflies anytime I mix eyeshadow colors together to make that painting literally come to life. As a child, my creative muses were old Hollywood cinema vixens, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, and especially the enigmatic Marilyn Monroe, whose sophisticated elegance and dazzling demeanor simply oozed effortless glamour in the form of an all-American icon.  Throughout my life, that simple word “icon”, is what has pushed me to continue challenging myself, in order to achieve something iconic, whether big or small, that I can stand by and be proud of.

I’d cherish being able to put my meticulous attention to detail and drive to challenge myself to good use, either becoming a visual merchandiser for a cosmetics brand or playing an active role in product development for a company in the flourishing beauty product industry. As my lifelong dream, I want to absorb all of the invaluable knowledge from the industry experiences I will attain to eventually become an entrepreneur, developing a highly-personalized cosmetics line that will address the unique needs and desires of all types of consumers. Working in the beauty industry will give me the privilege to be part of an amazing team of hard-working individuals all working towards the same goal of creating products we are proud enough to sell.

Growing up as the eldest in a family of seven, my sense of duty and having responsibilities at a young age, have invariably taught me the art of patience, being level-headed, resolving issues before they worsen, and maintaining the peace in high-stress situations. I look forward to solidifying my place in the beauty industry, which will give me the privilege of collaborating on an amazing team filled with creative, imaginative individuals all working towards the same goal of creating products we are proud enough to sell to you.

How kind of you to stop by and journey through my world!



In the dashing words of visionary entrepreneur Walt Disney,

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Personal Anecdote: A Deep Look Into My Inspiration”

  1. OMG, I always learn new and cool things every time I visit your page! You are truly an awesome fashionista and I’m excited to have you as me inspiration. I only wished I kept my late 80s and early 90s outfits, what a comeback!!
    Much Love, Dr. J

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