Rock n Roll! Alexander Wang Ready-To-Wear Spring 2019 Runway

This show was quite literally one of my top 3 favorite runways from this fashion season! I always love Alexander’s casual chic aesthetic featuring very classic streetwear pieces that anyone can work without having to worry about appearing too flamboyant or veering too far out of their comfort zone. The theme for his early Spring ’19 Ready-to-Wear was “Immigrant Americana” a cool twist on what it means to be “American”, full of lots of biker leather, denim jeans and outerwear, studded black booties, the coolest of red and black bandanas, and tons of edgy statement accessories that replicated the metallic material of motorcycle parts. As someone who loves to play with casual wear and throw in an edgy or sophisticated accessory or two, this show was made for someone like me, who’s fashion mood fluctuates between soft and bohemian or trendy, tomboy depending on the day. I also loved that Alexander Wang utilized his platform as an esteemed fashion designer to make a personal statement regarding his parents’ tumultuous journey as a young, struggling immigrant couple attempting to assimilate into America’s complex culture, learning the societal rules, and raise their children in a land foreign to them. Alexander’s father made his very first appearance at one of Wang’s runways to witness his son’s heartfelt tribute to honor the tenacity of immigrants, and Wang also sought to feature  his own experience of what America meant to him, “infusing it with pop culture Americana references that I grew up with like American football, motorcycle Harley Davidson culture, and rock ’n’ roll music.”. He never lost sight of the rich Chinese culture he came from, by giving a show rich with pacific islander representation, Chinoiserie motifs, and clever use of “Made in China” tags.  The show bled red, white, and blue with stars and stripes making their way to each and every look in some way, shape, or form, even …facepaint! It definitely represented what it means to be an American in the world’s melting pot.


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My favorite looks:

SheekChic Queen of the night: Bella Hadid

Photo: JP Yim/Getty Images

Full-length photo of this streetwear masterpiece:

Image by Dan Lecca

I truly believe this show was made for Bella, as she was a true natural decked out in chic biker attire, which accentuated her edgy effortlessness in a way I could’ve never imagined. By far, my favorite look, I especially want that beautiful necklace and denim/leather jacket in my closet.

Image by: Dan Lecca

Image by: Dan Lecca


Image by: Dan Lecca

Image by: Dan Lecca

Image by: Dan Lecca

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The question of the day:

What did you think about the biker attire on the runway?


Trend Predictions for Spring/ Summer 2020

  1. Psychedelic Prints
Image result for psychedelic fashion
1. With the sudden comeback of 70’s hippie fashions: flowy bohemian tops and flare jeans, etc. I definitely predict that the psychedelic, mismatched prints and patterns characteristic of the 60’s, will become huge within the next year. This will also follow the trend of bold, neon colors and prints that has been growing at a fast pace this spring/summer 2019.

2. Graffiti Fashion

Related image
To go along with the theme of bold colors and daring fashion statements, graffiti fashion, prominent in street style with metropolitan areas, will make its way to the mainstream. Edgy individuals wishing to send a message with their style choices will sport, graffiti-styled denim, leather, hats, and even shoes.

3. 80’s Graphic Art

Image result for 80s art
My spring/summer predictions for 2020 are heavily influenced by the bold, abstract trends of the 80’s; therefore, I expect to see a revival of 80’s graphic art and symbols making appearances on: t-shirts, bags, dresses, and jewelry/accessories.

4. 70’s Disco Fashion

Image result for disco fashion
There has already been a 70’s revival for spring/summer 2019, with the prevalence of flare jeans, gaudy earrings, flowy bohemian tops, etc. so I think this trend will only progress and gain more momentum for spring/summer 2020. With bold colors and prints already making a statement, 70’s sequins and bedazzled ensembles will surely be seen on the red carpet and in metropolitan areas.



SheekChic Fall Looks 2018

Hey guys! So, now that October has rolled around, I can finally, finally say that we are officially in my favorite season of the whole entire year. Autumn just has such a warm, effortless aura about it, and I feel like fall fashion is both functional yet so exciting in colors and textures, so versatile in the different ways you can style say, a red sweater or a white jersey top, and the makeup, oh the dark vampy plum lippies and the orange coppery matte eyeshadow, the possibilities are endless!!!

Soak in the fall weather with these looks below!


Alright so I know this might not be the first thing you’d reach for in your closet to wear this fall, it’s quite glamorous and curve-hugging for school/work, etc. but, if you are ever in for a night on the town, this fall would be the absolute best time to break out this slinky cranberry slip dress. I love the simplicity behind Christy Turlington’s look, with minimal jewelry, soft waves in her hair, and a strawberry-colored lipstick; to wear this dress, I’d actually pair it with a mustard or camel-colored leather jacket and some black ankle booties for a complete sheekchic evening look.

Image Source

Mustard Jacket:

$34 Shein 

Image/Website Link



SuedeFingers : Photo

First of all Niki Taylor everyone, literally amazing! Secondly, I’m loving the woolly texture of this ensemble, as well as the soft contrast, from the beautifully-knit wool sweater to the striped, pleated gray skirt; this outfit is playing with various different patterns without seeming overwhelming. Finally, I just want my arms in the comfort of this stylishly cozy sweater. The sweater is both eclectic in the knit patterns, while also being very sheekchic and fashion-forward with the v-neck, I’d just add some translucent black or gray tights and some Doc Marten style shoe and this outfit is a knockout!

Image Source


Dr. Martens - Icon 7b10 Ssf 7-eye - Black

$30 Doc Martens Boots

Image Source/Website Link


Christy strikes again! She’s giving me a very glamorous international spy vibe as well as a casual “strolling the Parisian streets in my Christian Loubotin stilettos” vibe too. She’s donning a lovely Versace ensemble with more of a demure cat-like midnight color scheme and then, (pop!), a heavy contrast in color, pattern, and texture thanks to the introduction of a leopard-print bustier dress on top. This type of layering was a classic fashion staple in the 1990’s, and I’m so thankful it’s made a comeback today because it’s one of my top favorite fashion looks. *Also, animal prints are a huge trend this fall, so don’t be afraid to let your inner feline free.

Image Source



ɴɪᴄᴏʟᴀ ᴘᴇʟᴛᴢ ❁ on Instagram: “Beauty 😍😍 (swipe for full pictures) #nicolapeltz #nicolaannepeltz #blonde #butterfly #fashion #vogue #model #actress #batesmotel…”

The lovely Nicola Peltz in the perfect fall outfit for everyday casual wear, you could easily catch me in this edgy, yet soft outfit on multiple occasions in the future. I appreciate the juxtaposition between the blush pink top daintily-cut along the bottom, and the stark grey washed-out denim giving the look a more vintage feel. I personally need that short cross necklace and the chunky black belt ASAP. Also, props to Nicola for sporting a wing with brown eyeliner and the addition of a coral- red lipstick, these are just oozing in autumnal goodness.

Image Source

*Feel free to check out Nicola Peltz’s Instagram too, her style is very posh yet edgy

Nicola’s Instagram!


This would be SO cute with black tights, some matte brown eyeshadow, and a coral lip, or you could do a dusty purple eyeshadow look with a violet lip for a more glamorous vibe with this outfit, I can see it now..ooh la la how sheekchic!

Image Source


I’m just loving the layering once again, a beautifully-knit white sweater with a perfectly black set of overalls, simple, yet very fashion-forward thanks, Rachel!

Image Source



Valfre Sheds New Light On Back To School Style


*The contour of perfection

Image Source/ The Cool Hour Website link



SheekChic Favorite of the Day!

This was gorgeous autumnal ensemble was spotted during this year’s Paris Fashion Week and I’m on love with the monochromatic themes, varying shades of muted pink and brick red, the dainty ruffles at the bottom, and the very sheekchic touch of satin underneath. What a showstopper!

Image Source/ThriftsandThreads Website

*The beauty of this ensemble actually led me to a hidden treasure, the ThriftsandThreads website owned and operated by the lovely fashionista, Brittany Xavier. Check out her website if you’re ever in need of some avant-garde, effortlessly cool fashion inspiration.


Question of the Day: What is your favorite item to wear in the fall?



Hugs and Kisses!



SheekChic Reflection on Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty NYFW Show

Well, I don’t know if you have been flooded from images capturing the pop star’s latest fall 2018 lingerie collection, but I must admit that for someone without formal fashion experience or expertise, Rihanna sure knows the secret formula for hosting a noteworthy fashion show that will be talked about for months to come! This was one of the only times I’ve referred to actually watching a live stream of a fashion show, and I’d advise anyone with 18 minutes to spare, to go ahead and treat yourself to watching the delightful show. Filled with such a beautifully diverse group of models, varying shades, varying sizes, and varying statures, *also worth noting, 2 pregnant models (Wow!), this fashion show will forever be legendary, not only because the mogul has made her mark upon the fashion world, but also because Rihanna’s inclusion of all/every type of woman, is a precursor to the future of fashion, and how that bright, innovative future will be more concerned with representing real women in society. The show was dripping in Mother Nature epithets and symbolism with the women moving alongside one another in mysterious, interpretative dances as well as the decor that resembled a majestic rainforest with simulated waterfalls, forestry, and models with flora and fauna used as decorative accessories. I can’t help but appreciate how Rihanna found a way to celebrate all women while also emphasizing their power. Although it was a lingerie show in a contemporary society that demeans women to being nothing more than sexual objects, I found the show quite uplifting and very empowering. Rihanna gets a gold star!


SheekChic Favorites Below

*all Fenty X Savage Fashion Show Images are by: Bryan Bedder and JP Yim at Getty Images

Image Source Link


SheekChic Best in Show Award: Bella Hadid

It’s something about the blue aura dominating this outfit, seen in her dusty blue bralette (that I want/need/love), her frilly transparent gloves, the placement of blue-green flower motifs (I’m obsessed with) along her body, coupled with the statement piece, a luxurious powder baby blue faux fur coat. This ensemble will make you feel like royalty, without seeming to gaudy or too flashy, very classy and very very elegant, which are not typically associated with women’s lingerie. Tom Van Dorpe, the head stylist for the show deserves the utmost recognition for carrying out the theme and Rihanna’s vision flawlessly, I loved the theme of vibrant monochromatic color that was prevalent in all of his ensembles. I also appreciate the slicked topknot which adds structure, and the shock of turquoise eyeliner drawn on the very top of her eyelid, which both draw attention to her upper body, the main focus of the look.

*Final Shout out to the makeup artist that expertly applied Bella’s illuminated bronzer along her collarbone and the dewy highlight on her forehead, cheekbones, and nose. Perfection!

Noteworthy Highlighters to try for yourself:

$42 MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Glowstick Glistening Illuminator in the shade: Spotlight


Image Source/Website Link

$26 Laura Geller Baked Gelato Highlighter in the shade: Ballerina *(a warm rose gold tint)

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator - Gilded Honey (effervescent caramel honey)

This highlighter is my absolute favorite because it makes your skin: GLISTEN!

Image Source/Website Link



DUCKIE THOT!!! She simply kills it on every runway. every day, in life, in general,etc. Anyways, still keeping with the vibrant blues, I’m obsessed with the midnight blue of this ensemble and how the color just bounces off of her body. Her cool-toned, deep complexion coupled with the intense vibrancy of this ensemble, makes it so much more memorable because together they’re so striking. However, I also feel like, despite its intensity, I can visualize people of any/all skin tones wearing this ensemble, without being drowned out. The blue truly brings out the best in every skin tone.

*Second* SheekChic Favorite of the Day

So beautiful! So feminine! So pregnant! This ensemble is very “mother-nature” heavy, filled with very maternal vibes and blush pink accents to represent nurture. I would also love to replicate this makeup look, all you need is: lavender shimmer eyeshadow, rose-colored blush, and a dewy highlighter, and you’re good to go!

Lavender eyeshadow:

$20 MAC Extra Dimension eyeshadow in the shade: Ready to Party

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow - Ready To Party (pale lilac)

Image Source/ ULTA Website Link

Beautiful Mermaid Hair waves:

$28 Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Curling Wand 1″

Image Source/ Target Website Link



I’m obsessed with the monochromatic earthy tones of this entire look! I also like the use of textured fish netting material on legs, as well as on the headdress (my favorite accessory), to give the outfit dimension. The touch of white flowers scattered across her body, prove to be the perfect accents, adding even more femininity to the ensemble.


This is such an immense explosion of COLOR!! I’ve never seen fuchsia used in such a demure way, that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the outfit. The huge pink flowers are flawlessly placed along her body, and the shock of pink eyeliner emphasizes the model’s striking features. I am obsessed with these strappy heels, and how elegant, yet avant-garde they are. What a statement piece!

All I can say is “Happy Valentine’s Day from the Powerpuff Girls!!!”


I’ve already envisioned myself in the lavender purple ensemble, and I’m in heaven.


Hugs and kisses!!!



Question of the Day:

What was your favorite ensemble at the Rihanna Savage X Fenty Fashion Show, and would you wear it or no?




SheekChic Fashion Muses for the Week!

Hi guys! I’ve literally been gone forever but I’m back and I’m better, and I’ve been seeing many many inspirational styles from contemporary fashionistas as well as the vintage ones (we can never forget those who paved the way for us). I think I’m going to start doing more of these compilations because they are much more representative of how I think and the eclectic way I view fashion every day, so I truly hope you guys will enjoy!



Here are the people whose fashions have made me feel SheekChic:

Bella Hadid #MLbabe

Bella Hadid, my forever fashion muse sporting a very edgy ensemble with heavy necklaces, a simple black choker, biker-style rings, and the perfect L.B.J., “Little Black Jacket” (I’m definitely owning that term now). This is the perfect outfit when you’re feeling like a rockstar or simply want to look like one for the day. I’m obsessed!

Image Source

I found this on Andrea Pion’s page (@sliceofpi on Instagram) and this is such a beautifully cohesive look. I’m not sure if I love the layering of the gold necklaces or that very bold, leopard-print bodysuit more! Also, she definitely gets props for that daring purse choice, I honestly love the introduction of a textured accessory, it’s small and compact, yet it makes a statement.

Image Source:Andrea Pion’s Instagram page

I’ve never been more obsessed with such an amazing pair of earrings! I only wish I knew where to find them, because I truly am a mermaid at heart, and I love all things nautical that remind me of being at sea collecting seashells. I also appreciate that these earrings consist of more of a rose-gold-tone, which is not commonly found for accessories. Rose gold is my favorite tone, and it will enhance warm skin tones, while also giving some needed warmth to those with cool/neutral skin tones.

Image Source

Drew Barrymore

DREW BARRYMORE!! Oh my goodness, one of my all-time favorites since I was 12 years old! She is completely rocking the denim on denim look with such ease. To make the look more contemporary, I’d give her a dainty gold necklace, and if I could change something about this ensemble, I’d merely add a circular silver choker to add some dazzle without overwhelming or changing the mood of the outfit.

Gold Necklaces to pair with ensemble:

Necklaces The Giovanni Gold Necklace Vanessa Mooney

$64 Vanessa Mooney The Giovanni Gold Necklace

Vanessa Mooney Website Link/Image Source

women's layered coin necklace - women's jewelry

$39.50 J.Crew Layered Gold Necklace

J.Crew Website link/Image Source


Silver Circle Choker Option:

Image result for circle choker

$ 16.99 Bling Jewelry Circle Around Choker

Bling Jewelry Website Link/Image Source

Image Source



de-bra: “LORDT ”

I just love the effortlessness of this entire photo, and I appreciate how cohesive everything is, from the teased, tousled hair, to the lovely *L.B.J., and Julia Robert’s “Rebel Without a Cause” facial expression just completes the aesthetic, and I’m in love!

*L.B.J.= Little Black Jacket

Image Source


london fashion week celebrity looks

This is simply such a lovely ensemble! I’m a sucker for floral patterns and the lace is so perfectly arranged, that this outfit could be worn to any spring/summer outdoorsy event or even a fancy, candle-lit dinner. The outfit has drawn inspiration from many vintage trends like the early 20th-century silhouette emphasizing slimness, yet femininity with those lovely vintage sleeves, as well as, the 1970’s large frame, round lenses she’s sporting. You also can not forget the accessories, from the gold heart earrings all the way down to the gold “lockbox” purse with beautifully-intricate, engraved designs. This look is a SheekChic favorite all year-round for me.

Image Source: London Fashion Week Fall 2017


SheekChic Favorite of the Day!

This is giving me a contemporary Alice in Wonderland vibe with the flared-out skirt, the dainty silhouette, use of silk material for the middle design, and finally, the beautiful, soft linen used for the rest of the dress. All of these work to make it a definite stand-out piece that I’d love to try out. The soft femininity of that round neckline would go absolutely perfect with a golden emerald necklace, which would help to add a nice pop of color. Not only is the dress so unique and so so beautiful, but those dazzlingly chic designer boots could be a star in anyone’s closet, talk about strutting in style on a rainy day (what a mood)! Also, another absolute favorite is that gorgeous Christian Dior bag, oh my goodness I’m just picturing all of the outfits that would go with that bag, you could rock it with a baggy Urban Outfitters tee and some denim shorts or even a chic Little Black Dress “L.B.D.”, and it would still be a cohesive look altogether. SheekChic APPROVED!

*Also, though the person’s head is not shown, I’m 95% sure this is Bella Hadid, I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from her. Let me know who you think the mystery woman is! Hmmm.

Emerald Necklace Accessory:

$29.58 Etsy MissAudrey Jewellery Emerald Pendant Necklace Gold

Etsy Website Link/Image Source

$29.99 Etsy JewelZone U.S. 3 Carat Simulated Green Emerald Necklace

Etsy Website Link/Image Source

Image Source



Hugs and Kisses!