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Historical Background

Brandy Melville is an apparel company created by an Italian father Silvio Marsan and his son Stephan Marsan, and they came up with the name upon reading a children’s book where a fictional American girl named Brandy meets and English boy named Melville and they fall in love with one another.

Advertising Methods

Brandy Melville does not produce commercials or print advertisements, they instead rely on digital marketing from social media platforms such as Instagram, where influencers are featured wearing their products. To target preteen/teen girls, Brandy Melville boasts a successful ambassador program where they recruit young females with an active social media presence to make Instagram posts where they can be seen sporting their attire.

They are infamously known for their “One-Size Fits All” product and sizing category for young women that seek trendy styles and stylish basics to create fun ensembles with.

They are viewed as being quite affordable for their teenage female target market, with prices typically ranging from: $20-$50

Demographics: Young females ages: (16-25) from a middle to upper class background

Psychographics: Shopping with their friends in their free time, stay up-to-date on the latest trends, make active social media posts/ Style Orientation: Youthful and Free-spirited California-Style/Customer Values: Comfortability, Decent Quality, and Reasonable Prices

Geographical Locations: Major cities in the U.S. (Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, New York,etc.), store locations along the coast in beachy areas, and Brandy Melville is also very popular in European countries like the United Kingdom and Germany

Brandy Melville Sample Customer Personas

Emma McDonald
Age: 20
City: Boston, Massachusetts
Income: under $10,000
Occupation: YouTuber
Lifestyle: YouTube Influencer, travels very often, hangs out with friends throughout the week, loves visiting the beach or taking strolls around the city on the weekends
Core Values: spending quality time with loved ones, getting the most out of life on her travels
Fashion Orientation: Surfer Girl Vibes, Minimalistic Style, Quality Basics that can be dressed up or down
Shopping Behaviors: frequently buys basics and unique trendy items to style on her travels
Monthly Spending on clothing: $250-$300

Scarlett Leithold
City: Los Angeles, California
Income: $25,000
Occupation: signed to Next Model mgmt/ Instagram Influencer
Lifestyle: days are occupied with frequent travel to different areas depending on where her next photoshoot will take place, spends nights off with friends to blow off steam and attend social events and parties
Core Values: Simple living, being laidback, taking life as easy as possible within her hectic schedule
Fashion Orientation: Simplistic outfit ensembles, trendy and stylish yet not too flashy
Shopping Behaviors: shopping with her pals when she has a free couple of hours during the week, looks for pieces that will last and have decent quality because she’s frequently on-the-go

Brandy Melville Brand Concept

Youthful, Free-Spirited California Girl fashions that proclaim a One-Size-Fits-All sizing category that accommodate young adult and teen girls belonging in a particular size group.

Brandy Melville’s Brand Competitors:

Brandy Melville Brand Positioning Map with Competitors

Brandy Melville SWOT Analysis

Strengths: High quality clothes at affordable prices/Strong social media presence/ Great niche and focused target market for their brand

Weaknesses: Too exclusive and lack of diversity in their customer market/Limited brick and mortar locations/Strictly social media advertising

Opportunities: Ability to expand locations/ Broaden their target market through more advertising campaigns/Expand their sizing options to be more inclusive

Threats: Social media backlash for their lack of inclusivity/ Brands with a wider variety of styles and more sizing options available/ Competition with more store locations/ Companies with better advertising strategies

Brandy Melville’s Current Gaps Within the Company

  1. Lack of size inclusivity because their “One-Size-Fits-All” options run extremely small and the only sizes available are:Small and Extra Small
  2. Lack of diversity because even their social media presence is largely geared towards Caucasian females from similar socioeconomic backgrounds that do not represent the majority of the young female population
  3. Lack of originality in their styles because their basics often repeat themselves and their clothing selection and available styles typically look very similar from season to season with little to no change